Server installation response file

The install_response file specifies input parameters that are used during the installation of the BigFix Inventory server in silent mode.

Table 1. Response file parameters
Parameter key name Description Default
RSP_LICENSE_ACCEPTED Accepts the license agreement.

The installation fails if you do not change the value of the parameter to true.

RSP_DISABLE_PREREQ_WARNINGS Disables prerequisite checking warnings.

If the server does not have enough memory or processor cores, the silent installation fails. You can change this behavior by setting the value of this parameter to true. The installation can complete even if the requirements are not fulfilled, however insufficient resources might impact performance.

false (warnings are enabled)
RSP_TLM_ROOT Specifies the installation location.

Specify an empty directory in which you want to install the server. If the directory does not exist, it is created.

Windows icon C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BFI

Linux /opt/BFI

RSP_TLM_HTTPS_PORT Specifies the port that is used by the server.

If you do not specify the port number, a default value is used. If the selected port is already used by a different application, the installation fails.

RSP_DISABLE_COMMUNICATION_WARNINGS Disables communication warnings.

If any of the ports that you specified in the RSP_TLM_HTTPS_PORT is locked by another application, silent installation fails. To specify a port that is temporarily used but will be available later, set the RSP_DISABLE_COMMUNICATION_WARNINGS parameter to true.

Windows icon RSP_USER_ACCOUNT Specifies the user account for running the application service.

The User Account Control in Windows must be reduced or disabled. Otherwise, it might block the service from starting.

If you leave the value current, the service runs under the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM user, which has all required rights. If you specify a different user, ensure that the following requirements are met:
  • The user has the log on as a service right and administrative privileges.
  • The user is entered as domain\username, machine\username, or .\username if it is a local account
Important: To use Windows authentication to access the database, the service owner chosen here must be available both to BigFix Inventory and the relevant database server for which you use this authentication. For local databases, you can use current, but for remote ones it must be a domain user that is shared between the two servers.
Windows icon RSP_USER_ACCOUNT_PWD Specifies the password of the user account for running the application service.