Installation accounts

You can install all the infrastructure components as the administrative user. You can also install some components as a non-administrative user but some limitations apply.

Table 1. Installation accounts for the components of the BigFix Inventory infrastructure
Component User Limitations
BigFix Inventory server on Linux root or non-root user Server that is installed by a non-root user is not registered as a system service. It also cannot be upgraded with a fixlet. It must be upgraded in interactive or silent mode.
BigFix Inventory server on Windows

User with administrative privileges with the log on as a service permission.

If you want to use the Windows authentication mode and your database server is remote, ensure that the user that accesses the database is a domain user. This user needs to have the dbcreator or sysadmin rights in MS SQL database.

DB2® root or non-root user For information about limitations that apply when you install DB2® as a non-root user, see the following links.
SQL Server User with administrative privileges
BigFix server User with administrative privileges (Windows) or root (Linux)
BigFix client User with administrative privileges (Windows) or root (Linux and UNIX) The user on Linux and UNIX cannot be a sudo user.