Oracle Processor Core

Available from 9.2.8. Oracle Processor Core metric is used to determine the licensing cost of Oracle products. It is based on the number of physical cores that are deployed on the host where the software is installed multiplied by an appropriate processor core factor. When the software is installed on multiple hosts, all cores that require applying the same core factor are added. Then, the factor is applied to calculate metric utilization.

By default, the 0.5 factor is applied to all servers. If the number of cores multiplied by the core factor is not an integer, it is rounded up at the core factor level. If a processor requires a different core factor, the value can be adjusted through the user interface or by using REST API.

Supported software

Reporting of the metric is supported for all discoverable versions of Oracle Database (Enterprise Edition).


VM managers should be defined for all virtual machines in your environment. If a VM manager is not defined for a particular host, the number of cores is counted at the level of the virtual machine. As a result, license utilization might be incorrectly calculated. If a component of a product with the Oracle Processor Core metric is detected on a host for which a VM manager is not defined, a warning sign () is displayed on the All Metrics report. It indicates calculation inaccuracy.
Note: The warning is displayed only on the user interface. It is not displayed in the CSV or PDF version of the All Metrics report.

In case of VMware, if a virtual machine is a cluster, metric utilization is counted on the basis of the number of cores in a cluster, not the physical server. To obtain correct count of cluster cores, go to Management > Advanced Server Settings and set the value of the storeHwDataForAllVMManagerNodes parameter to true. Otherwise, only hosts on which the BigFix client is installed are included in the cluster core count.


Only active sockets are taken into account during the calculations.


Example 1: Software is installed on multiple servers that require various core factors
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is installed on the following six servers:
  • One server with two cores that require applying the 0.75 core factor
  • Four servers with one core each that requires applying the 0.75 core factor
  • One server with one core that requires applying the 0.5 factor
All cores that require the same core factor are added and the factor is applied. Then, the values obtained at each core factor level are rounded up and added. Metric utilization equals 6.
Table 1. Utilization of the Oracle Processor Core metric on multiple servers that require various core factors

Summary for complex table

Cores that require the 0.75 factor Cores that require the 0.5 factor
Actual number of cores (1 × 2 cores + 4 × 1 core) = 6 1 × 1 core = 1
Number of cores after applying the core factor (1 × 2 cores + 4 × 1 core) × 0.75 = 4,5 1 × 1 core x 0.5 = 0.5
Number of cores after rounding up 5 1
Total 6