Updating WebUI

Learn how to update the BigFix Insights WebUI application.

About this task

The update procedure for BigFix Insights is dependent on the WebUI application updates.

Complete the following steps to update the BigFix Insights WebUI application:


  1. Navigate to the Application Updates page in WebUI.
    Note: You need to have Master Operator credentials.
    Do the following to navigate to Application Updates page in WebUI:
    1. Log in into WebUI by using your Master Operator credentials.

      The WebUI home page is displayed.

    2. Click the gear icon in the navigation bar and select Application Updates.

      The Application Updates page is displayed.

    The Application Updates page notifies you about the available application updates. The version number of the available update in the update notification is different (and higher) than the current WebUI versions that are displayed under the Current WebUI Versions pane.

  2. Click Select.

    The Selected Updates dialog opens.

  3. Click Update Now to confirm the update or click Cancel to exit the update.
    The update begins and is completed in the background. You can use the current WebUI interface during the update. After the update is completed, you will be using the latest version when you log in to the WebUI interface the next time.