What's new in v1.0.0

The SCM App in WebUI includes the following features:
  • Landing page: Shows all the available custom and external checklist with details such as number of checks, updated information, number of subscribed devices, status of checklist (out of sync or new or refreshed) and site information in a grid or list view.
  • Data Grid: By implementing a data grid in SCM App, you can quickly view the checks in a tabular format and use the features such as filter, search, and sort to find checks quickly. For more information on the data grid, see Grid View.
  • Create Custom Checklists: Create checklist by using multiple external checklists that result in managing a large category of devices.
  • Custom Checklist Affected: Lists all the custom checklist that are affected by the external checklist.
  • New and Refreshed External checklists: Representation of newly published or refreshed external checklists with icons.
  • Deployment Summary: Quick access to other WebUI apps such as Devices and Deployments from SCM App.