BigFix and Carbon Black integration

The HCL BigFix and Carbon Black integration allows administrators to deploy a full endpoint security solution to detect, contain, investigate, and remediate security threats and attacks on endpoints across the enterprise. The following sections provide useful information and links to the resources available for the solution.

Use cases and benefits

The use cases of the BigFix and Carbon Black integration are as follows:
Cb Agent Deployment and Health Monitoring
A number of BigFix Fixlets are provided to deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot the Carbon Black agents.
BigFix Tamper Protection
The power of Cb Protection is leveraged to provide robust tamper protection for BigFix clients.
Removal of Malware Identified by Cb Protection and Carbon Black Response
The Cb Protection BigFix connector pulls the list of banned files from Cb Protection and sends them to BigFix in the form of Fixlets. The Cb Response BigFix connector processes data that is streamed from Cb Response and sends it to BigFix. BigFix operators can then execute these Fixlets to remove the banned files.
Remediation of Vulnerabilities Identified and Prioritized by Cb
Using the BigFix Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard, you can view and remediate Carbon Black vulnerability data, known as Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVEs).

Complete end-to-end documentation on the BigFix and Carbon Black integration, including all of the setup and configuration instructions for Cb Response and Cb Protection, is available from BigFix Developer Works.