System requirements

You must meet the following requirements to use SCM App:
  • Ensure that you have any one of the BigFix Compliance licenses:
    • Security and Compliance
    • Security and Compliance POC
    • Starter Kit for Security and Compliance
    • Starter Kit for Security and Compliance POC
  • Enable the required SCM (external) sites from the License Overview dashboard in BigFix Console. For more information on how to enable SCM sites, see Subscribing with the Licensing Dashboard.
  • Subscribe to SCM reporting in BigFix Console. For more information on how to subscribe to SCM reporting, see Subscribing to the SCM reporting site.
  • Devices must be subscribed to the site to collect data from BigFix clients. This data is used for reporting and analysis. The process of site subscription depends on the BigFix console version that you installed. For more information, see the BigFix Configuration Guide.
  • Enable JavaScript in the browser. For instruction on how to enable JavaScript visit
  • You must have a Master Operator (MO) access to create custom checklists in SCM App.
The following tables lists the supported browser, BigFix components and operating systems:
Note: Currently, SCM App do not support synchronization feature in Linux-based operating systems.
Table 1. Supported browser and components
Components Requirements
Supported browsers
  • Google Chrome v93.0 or later
  • Microsoft Edge v93.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox v92.0 or later
  • Safari v13.x or later
BigFix component versions
  • Agent v9.5 or later
  • Console v9.5 or later
  • Platform v9.5 or later
  • Server v9.5 or later
  • WebUI v9.5 or later