Welcome to SCM App in WebUI

Security Configuration Management (SCM) is a collection of checks and checklists that organizations can use to configure devices and ensure that the devices meet compliance standards.

SCM App in WebUI utilizes the new WebUI design to provide a streamlined workflow for better user experience in managing devices in a BigFix network. With the SCM App, operators can manage the security configuration of the devices with the help of benchmarks such as CIS, DISA STIG, FDCC, PCI DSS, USGCB, and custom checklists.

With SCM App checklists, security teams can define the security parameters and configurations that corporate policies require. It also helps the operators assess and manage device configurations through checks, checklists, synchronization and provides remediation action if devices do not meet compliance standards. Operators focus on the detailed day-to-day configuration management of all devices.