License troubleshooting

About this task

In order to use HCL AppScan Standard for scanning your site you must have a valid license. If AppScan does not accept your license, try the following steps.


  1. Verify that the license has not expired.
  2. Floating licenses only: Check that the licenses assigned to the server are not all currently in use.
  3. Floating licenses only: Make sure that the license server (and for a local license server also the port), is reachable and not blocked by a firewall or proxy.
  4. Node-locked licenses only: Try downloading and installing the license file again.
    Note: For example, if the original license file was downloaded more than a week ago and not installed, it will have become invalid.
  5. Node-locked licenses only: Verify that the ID entered in Flexnet when the Device was created matches the one shown in the license dialog (see Set up a node-locked license).

What to do next

If these suggestions do not solve the problem, contact Support.