Changing the default browser

You can configure AppScan to use a browser other than its built-in browser.

About this task

By default, AppScan opens its built-in browser when you record the login procedure, or a multi-step operation, or when you click the Show in Browser button.

If the built-in browser is unable to access parts of the site, or if your site is not optimized for it, you can configure AppScan to use a different browser that you have installed on your machine instead.


  1. Click Tools > Options, and select Use External Browser.
  2. Select a browser from the drop-down list of supported browsers that are installed on your machine. Supported browsers are:
    • MS Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • MS Edge
  3. If either of the following two configuration options has been changed, the defined header values will be used, and not the header values of the newly selected browser. If necessary, you can restore the default values
    • Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Communication: Accept-Language request header value
    • Configuration > Explore Options > User-Agent header value
    The ways in which these settings may have been changed by the user are:
    • You opened the browser to record the login procedure or a multi-step operation, or clicked "Show in Browser"
    • You manually changed them
    • You loaded a saved scan
    In order to set these two settings to those of the newly defined browser, simply delete the values, and (if relevant) record the login or multi-step operation again. From now on AppScan® will automatically use the header value of the defined browser.
    Note: The following limitations apply to the newly defined browser:
    • If the selected browser is configured to use a proxy configuration file, this selection will be ignored and the built-in browser will open.
    • If you record a multi-step operation using the "Login and then Record" option, the built-in browser will open.
    • If another instance of AppScan is open, and you try to open an external browser, the built-in browser will open.
    • In Login Management > Details tab, if you select a URL and click either Show in browser or Select, the built-in browser will open.
    • If you select Firefox, AppScan automatically creates a Firefox profile named "AppScan" (if one does not already exist). If Firefox was open when this was done, you must close it for the change to take effect.