Insufficient disk space

About this task

Temporary files created when working with an AppScan scan can reach a size up to the size of the scan itself, so all temporary folders must have this capacity. The size of a scan depends on the site being scanned, the template, the configuration, and the issues found.

  • AppScan stores temp files in C:\ProgramData by default.
  • Third-party components of AppScan store data in the paths defined for TEMP and TMP Windows User Environment Variables.


  1. See if you can free disk space for the three paths.
  2. If necessary, change the paths:
    • To change the AppScan Temp path, define the new path in:
      Tools > Options > Advanced > TempFilesDir
      Note: The path must be local and use ASCII characters only.
    • To change the third-party temp paths, change the TEMP and TMP values in Windows User Environment Variables.