Troubleshooting tools

AppScan provides a variety of information that you can use to locate and solve problems.

  • AppScan® Log - Displays information about AppScan functionality, including how it connects to your proxy and the port that the proxy listens to after each restart.
  • Traffic Log - When enabled, AppScan writes to this log, all traffic sent to and received from your website.
    Note: Enabling the traffic log will slow the application and increase disk space consumption.
  • Dump File - In the event of it crashing, AppScan creates a memory dump file and notifies you of its path and filename. This file contains all available information about the use case that caused the crash, and should be sent to AppScan Standard Support for further investigation.
  • Support Mode - Enables you to reproduce the problem and then to pack data files, to send to technical support.
  • Packed Files - AppScan creates an archive of data files for you to send to technical support. These files include: scan file (*.scan), AppScanDbg.log, AppScanSys.log, and AppScanTraffic.log.
  • Report False Positive- Enables you to send feedback to HCL AppScan Standard about specific tests, especially those with positive test results that you suspect should not be positive in your application. AppScan zips information from selected variants and attaches the zip file to a new e-mail message, opened in the default e-mail client.