Creating a customized report pack

You create a customized report pack the same way you create any other item in a folder.

About this task

To create report packs in a folder you must have a Report Administrator role or higher in the folder.


  1. Go to the folder where you want to create the report pack. It might be the folder where the contributing jobs are located, or a separate folder.
  2. In the Folder Explorer view, click the Create icon (Create).
  3. On the Create Folder Item page, select Report Pack, and give the report pack a meaningful Name. You can rename a report pack, as long as it is not the same name as another report pack in the same folder. If the report pack is associated with a QuickScan template, that template will be renamed automatically.
  4. (Optional) Add a Description and Contact name and information for the report pack.
  5. Click Create.

What to do next

Sourcing a report pack with jobs