Exporting report pack properties

You can export report pack properties and create a new report pack based on those properties. A schedule is not exported as part of the report pack properties.


  1. Find the report pack in the Folder Content Summary, select it, and click Edit.
  2. In the Export Properties section of the General Properties page, click Export Properties.
  3. In the File Download dialog, click Save to save the exported XML file to your system.
  4. Return to the Folder Content Summary, click the Create icon (Create), and select the Report Pack option.
  5. Enter a Name and Description for the new report pack. You cannot give the report pack a name that is used by another report pack in the same folder.
  6. In the Method of Creation section, click Use settings file.
  7. Click Browse to find XML file you downloaded. The properties of the XML file are imported into the new report pack.
  8. Click Create > Done to finish.
  9. To update its contents, run the report pack.