Running, canceling, and deleting a report pack

A report pack is run in the same way as any other item. A report pack can be run even when it is currently running; the report pack will finish its current run and start again.

Before you begin

Learn more about report packs:
  • The report pack must be rerun after you apply a filter for it to take affect. Choose the Automatically run report pack option if the report pack is sourced by a single job. Otherwise, a report pack sourced by multiple jobs should be updated on a schedule so that trend data is more consistent.
  • The time it takes to generate a report pack increases when you apply a source job to it; however, by focusing the report pack on a specific job, as opposed to all jobs, the number of issues you need to review at a given time is likely reduced.
  • If you add a job to a folder that contributes data to the report pack, the job must be run before the report pack is run, or the report pack's data will not be current.
  • You can cancel a report pack when it is running; this essentially deletes any data associated with the report pack, including new data added to its trend. The data gathered is lost and will not appear in its reports. If you do not want to lose the data, suspend or end the report pack instead.
  • You can delete a report pack if necessary. If the report pack contributes to a dashboard, you will have to rerun the dashboard to update its data.


  1. To run a report pack, go to the Folder Content Summary, select the report pack, and click the Run icon (Run).
  2. To check report pack progress while it is running, click the Auto-refresh icon (Auto-refresh) to see the report pack progress through its various states. You might have to refresh the page several times before the run is finished.