Report pack access privileges

Report packs are collections of reports that can be organized by any criteria you choose: web application, developer or business unit. Most times, you will create a report pack for each website or application, but there might be instances where you want to scope by individual developer or business unit. Access to a report pack can be granted or denied to Standard Users in a folder.

For example, if you are a content manager or security analyst responsible for certain web applications or sections of the website, you might not want other security analysts or content managers to see your data, but you probably want your website manager or producer to see it as part of their responsibility for the overall health of the site. Issue Managers and Report Consumers in a folder can be granted or denied access to individual report packs. Administrators always have access to report packs in a folder.

Note: By default, all users in a folder have access to report packs. You must specifically restrict users access to each report pack in a folder. Report Administrators and above can assign access to a report pack as part of its properties.