Adding an alert to a report pack

Report Packs are collections of reports that can be organized by any criteria you choose — web application, developer or business unit. By adding an alert, you control the events you will be notified about when the status changes.


  1. From the Folder Content Summary, select the check box of the report pack and click the Edit Alerts icon (Edit Alerts).
  2. Select the check boxes for the events you want to be alerted on:
    • Started
    • Completed
    • Failed to complete
  3. Configure the Report Thresholds, if applicable, for the reports in the report pack, and click Save.
    Note: Threshold Alerts: triggered when the number of issues of a certain type exceed a predefined threshold. For example, you might want to be notified when new reports show your website has more than 100 broken links or when your web application has more than 10 infrastructure security issues. When this number is exceeded in the report, it will trigger an alert for the report pack. If the report does not support issue management, you cannot create threshold alerts for it.