SAST scan results

This topic describes the features available in static analysis scan results.

When you use the static analysis feature of the AppScan on Cloud service, you can generate security analysis reports that make use of Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA). IFA is a powerful machine-learning technology that does much of the triage work for you by, among other things, filtering out false positives and by grouping findings that can be remedied by a fix in one code point. To learn more about IFA, see this article.

In addition, static analysis scans make use of Intelligent Code Analytics (ICA). ICA automatically discovers new application programming interfaces (API) and assesses them for security impact. Through ICA, all third-party API and frameworks are reviewed and assigned the right security impact. This allows for more complete scan results. To learn more about ICA, see this article.

Note: ICA is currently only applied when scanning Java, C/C++, .NET, and PHP.

Static analysis assessments list findings by fix group. A fix group represents the most common node that grouped findings flow through. Typically, if a fix is implemented for a fix group, you can achieve the greatest effect for less work. A fix group can also be considered a logical grouping point wherein related findings can be reviewed at the same time. Note that a fix group may not be the exact place at which a fix should be placed. Future refactoring, code practices, and other factors might preclude using the fix group location for a fix.

Note: Each fix group displays a maximum number of 100 findings per vulnerability type.