Global commands (Linux and macOS)

Use global commands to display CLI help and Static Analyzer Command Line Utility version information. help

Syntax: help <command>


Display help for all commands or an individual command.

Optional flags/settings:

  • <command>: To display the help for an individual command, specify it here.
Tip: For all commands, options can be used in any order.


To see the help for the prepare command, specify this: help prepare version

Syntax: version


Display the Static Analyzer Command Line Utility version. update

Syntax: update checkUpdate


Checks if there is a new update is available on the HCL AppScan on Cloud server. If a new version is available this command downloads and installs it into the same location as the current version.

If the default package name is used for the current SAClientUtil installation (for example, C:\SAClientUtil.8.0.nnnn), after update is completed, the version string is removed from the directory name (for exampler, C:\SAClientUtil). If a custom name is used for SAClientUtil directory, that name is retained after update. (for example, C:\MySAClient).

If there is no new update available from the server, the user is notified.

Examples: checkUpdate
Check if an update is available on the server before actually updating the product. If an update is available, the user is notified, including updated version number. For example, "An update is available. Version: 8.0.1401." update

Checks if there is an update available on the server, then it downloads and installs it, notifying the user as follows:

source ./ update 

An update is available. Version: 8.0.1401 
Downloading the update...
Extracting the update... 
Update complete. 

New version is located at: <SAClientUtil>/bin
Note: To correctly run the update command on Linux systems:
  1. Change directory to <SAClientUtil>/bin directory, where <SAClientUtil> is a new download of the utility that supports the update command.
  2. Run:
    • source ./ update, or
    • . ./ update