Creating an asset group and assigning resources

Create an asset group, assign applications, and add users. Asset groups helps you restrict applications with sensitive information only to the users who need to see it.

About this task

Only administrators can see the User Management capabilities.


  1. Select ()Access management > Asset groups > Create a new asset group.
    Image showing the create a new asset group dialog box
  2. Give the asset group a unique name, and a description that defines the purpose of the group and how the group is used within your organization.
    By default, the person who created the asset group is listed as the contact.
  3. Optional: Go to Applications tab, and select one or more applications to include in the asset group.
    Tip: Choose similar apps, such as those belonging to the same business unit, tester, or perhaps a specific sales campaign, to add to the asset group.
  4. Go to Members tab, and select one or more users to add to the asset group.
  5. Click Create asset group.
    An asset group is created.