This testing procedure requires the generation of a test session on the web application and the capture of the session through Discover and locally through the Discover Client-Side Capture utility.

As you browse through the session, you can test, search, replay, and report capabilities for active sessions and then perform similar tests when the session completes.

  • In an active session, hits are currently being added to the session stored in the in-memory Short Term Canister, or the session is not yet closed or timed out.
  • A completed session is a closed session that moved from the Short Term Canister to the Long Term Canister for indexing and storage. Sessions that archived out of the LTC are also considered to be completed sessions.

The methodology tests the following fundamental features of the Discover solution by locating your captured session data in various parts of the capture, processing, and reporting areas of the Discover solution.


  • Capture: Session capture by the Unica Discover Network Capture Application.
  • Search: Search for the session data as an active or completed session.
  • Reporting: Display of data in the Portal as an active or completed session
  • Data Export: Export of captured and processed data