Post-upgrade Configurations

After performing the upgrade, complete the following tasks:


  1. From the base version Backup directory, restore the following files:
    • DiscoverCaptureSocket.cfg
    • DCMaint.cfg
    • HBR_PipeLine-base.cfg
  2. Log in as an Administrator and navigate to Discover > Manage Services.
  3. Expand Transport Services and click Transport Service Configuration.
  4. Click Reload From Server.
  5. On the popup dialog, click Load.
    The following message appears: The config data was successfully reloaded from the server.
  6. In the Config section, click View/Edit.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Add Tasks > Submit.
  9. Repeat Step 2 through Step 8 for Canister > DCMaint configuration
    Attention: If you do not backup DiscoverCaptureSocket.cfg, DCMaint.cfg, and HBR_PipeLine-base.cfg and restore it, you will face the following issues:
    • Privacy will not work because Privacy Rules customized in base version will be lost.
    • Customization done in DCMaint configuration will be lost.
    • Customization done in HBR PipeLine base configuration file will be lost.