Overview of the Upgrade Process

The objective of the upgrade is to minimize downtime and data loss. The recommended approach is to suspend the processing components, letting data spool to disk while the Data Collector collects any unaggregated statistical data. The system can then be upgraded. When it is restarted, it will attempt to work off the spooled data until it catches up.

  • If you have queries related to the steps required to upgrade the Unica Discover solution, please contact Unica Discover support.
  • During the actual upgrade of the processing server software, the incoming data will be lost, but the loss is minimal. After you restart the processing servers, complete the Reporting Server upgrade and the database upgrade on time.

In most environments, Discover's ability to capture all session traffic for a web application performs an important business function. Since Discover is upgraded in place in a real-time environment, it is important to upgrade in an order to minimize the spooling of data.

On your environment, to upgrade individual components on each Discover server, you must run an Upgrader to upgrade all components currently installed on the server.