Upgrading and Migrating to New Hardware

If you are deploying new hardware in conjunction with your upgrade, please complete the upgrade in the following general steps.

About this task

Note: Before you begin, you should review the system requirements to verify that your current system is capable of managing the upgrade process and running the new version of Discover. See "System requirements for installing Unica Discover in the Unica Discover Installation Manual.

General Steps


  1. Install the latest Unica Discover version on the new hardware.
  2. Migrate your reporting data and event definitions to the new hardware.
  3. Restart the new Discover system.
  4. Verify that it is capturing data, events are firing, and that newly captured event data is appearing in reports.
  5. Review the preparing to upgrade steps. See Preparing to Upgrade to the Current Release.
  6. Perform the upgrade in place.
  7. Complete the post-upgrade steps. See Post-upgrade Cleanup.


Note: Avoid performing the upgrade by installing the current Unica Discover release on the new hardware, moving the databases, and then upgrading them separately.