Prerequisite steps to create OSLC Automation and OSLC Provisioning jobs

How to define a new OSLC Automation and OSLC Provisioning job definition by using the Dynamic Workload Console.

About this task

To create an OSLC Automation or OSLC Provisioning job definition, you must first complete the prerequisite steps listed hereafter.

For more information about creating OSLC Automation and OSLC Provisioning job definitions, see Job definition - OSLC Provisioning and Job definition - OSLC Automation.

Note: Before performing the following procedure, ensure that you installed the Jazz for Service Management Registry Services from the Installation Manager.


  1. Obtain the Registry Services server certificate and save it in a directory that you will later use.
    Registry Services administrator can provide the certificate, or, with Firefox browser, for example, you can retrieve the certificate performing the following steps:
    1. Log in to a Registry Services (for example, https://hostname:16311/oslc/pr)
    2. Download the certificate by clicking in the browser toolbar: Tools>Options>Advanced>Encryption>View Certificates
    3. Select HCL>Registry_Services_hostname:port and click Export.
      A file is created with the name that you specify, for example myserver:16311.
  2. Browse to the directory where a JRE is installed, for example: C:\Program Files\HCL\TWA_<TWS_user>\TWS\JavaExt\jre\jre\bin
  3. Create a new truststore by launching the following command: keytool -genkeypair -alias certificatekey -keyalg RSA -validity 7 -keystore trustore_directory\keystore.jks
    Note: Ensure that the trustore_directory is not created in the javaExt\JRE path.
  4. Add the HCL Registry Services certificate to the truststore by launching the following command: keytool -import -file certificate_directory\certificate_name -alias oslc -keystore trustore_directory\keystore.jks
  5. Open the TWA_HOME\TWS\ITA\cpa\config\JobManager.ini file, and locate JavaJobLauncher section, JVMOptions row.
  6. Add the following instructions to the row: "".
    For example:
    JVMOptions =
  7. Stop and restart the agent.
  8. Create the and files, respectively for the OSLC Automation and OSLC Provisioning jobs, and locate them in <TWA_Home>/TWS/JavaExt/cfg/.

    Specify the service provider catalogs (or Registry Services) that you will later use to create the job in the following format:

  9. Close and restart the WebSphere Application Server on the master domain manager and on Jazz for Service Management.