Designing Folders

Create your folders to organize your jobs and job streams through lines of business or other custom categories.

About this task

The folders help you to create different categories in which you can associate jobs and job streams. You can now define jobs and job streams that are part of the same line of business in the same folder. You can manage user access to folders by setting user or group permissions according to the company policy. Jobs or job streams that are associated to the same folder can be monitored more easily without relying on complicated object naming conventions.

You can also quickly move a set of jobs or job streams that use a specific naming convention into folders that are named after tokens contained in the object names. See Organizing scheduling objects into folders for more information.

To create a folder, complete the following steps:


  1. Open the Dynamic Workload Console and from the navigation toolbar, click Design > Workload Definitions > Manage Workload Definitions.
  2. In the displayed panel, specify the engine connection that you want to use and click GO.
  3. To create a new folder, from the Explore tab click Create new folder.
  4. You can create your folder in either the home folder or as a subfolder in an existing folder. Enter the name of the folder and press Enter.
    Your folder has now been created in the selected location.

What to do next

You can now proceed to create a new job stream that is associated to the folder by clicking Add new Job Stream, or modify and delete a selected folder by clicking Edit folder or Delete Folder.