Creating Workload Broker objects

Creating Workload Broker workstations and jobs.

About this task

You can manage Workload Broker jobs in a HCL Workload Automation environment by creating special workstations and job definitions.
Using the Dynamic Workload Console you can:
  • Create the Workload Broker workstation in the HCL Workload Automation database.
  • Create Workload Broker job definitions that map Workload Broker jobs.
  • Monitor Workload Broker workstations in the plan.
  • Submit jobs to the Workload Broker workstation.
  • Monitor Workload Broker jobs and browse the corresponding job logs.


To create a Workload Broker workstation, perform the following steps:
  1. Click Design > Workload Definitions > Create Workstations.
  2. Select a distributed engine from the list and click Create Workstations.
  3. In the Workstations Properties panel, specify the following fields. The values you specify here must match the values specified during the installation of the Workload Broker component. You can retrieve them from the configuration file.
    It is the value specified in the TWS Agent name field.
    Workstation type
    Select Workload Broker from the available workstation types.
    Node Name
    The host name of the computer where the HCL Workload Automation master is installed.
    TCP/IP port
    The port number you specified when installing the HCL Workload Automation master. It is the value specified in the TWS Agent Port field.

    Leave all other fields with their default values.

  4. Click Save to add the workstation to the database.

You can create HCL Workload Automation job definitions that map to Workload Broker jobs, and submit and monitor the job status. To create a new Workload Broker job definition, perform the following steps:

  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Design >Workload Definitions>Manage Workload Definitions
  2. In the Workload Designer, from the Working List pane click Job Definition > Cloud > Workload Broker .
  3. In the Workspace pane, specify the properties for the job using the General, Task, Affinity, and Recovery Options tabs.
  4. Click Save to add the Workload Broker job definition.