If you need to make configuration changes to the broker server after the installation has completed, you can edit the file. The file contains the following configuration properties:
The name of the domain manager workstation.
The port of the domain manager workstation.
The name of the master domain manager workstation.
The name of the broker server in the HCL Workload Automation production plan. This name is first assigned at installation time.
The host name of the master domain manager workstation.
The HTTPS port of the master domain manager workstation.
The port used by the broker server to listen to the incoming traffic (equivalent to the Netman port). It is first assigned at installation time. This port number must always be the same for all the broker servers that you define in your HCL Workload Automation network (one with the master domain manager and one with every backup master you install) to ensure consistency when you switch masters.
The name of the domain where the broker server is registered.
The list of prefixes of common names authorized to communicate with the broker server.
The number of days before the certificate on the agent expires. During this interval, the certificate is set in expiring status and the agent tries to download a new version of the certificate from the master domain manager, if available. Supported values are any integer greater than zero. The default value is 15 days.
A switch that enables or disables the broker server. The value can be true or false. The default value is true.

Set this value to false if you decide not to use a broker server. Not using the broker server means that you can submit jobs dynamically on the dynamic workload broker directly (using either the Dynamic Workload Console or the dynamic workload broker command line) without using the scheduling facilities of HCL Workload Automation.

The workstation type assigned to the broker server. Supported values are:
  • master domain manager (master)
  • backup master domain manager (fta)
  • dynamic domain manager (fta, broker, agent)
  • backup dynamic domain manager (fta, broker, agent)
The number of seconds between consecutive attempts to link to the broker server. The default is 600.

Note that no SSL security is available for the connection between the master domain manager and the broker server. All the data between the two workstations is sent unencrypted. If this might cause a security risk in your environment, you can choose not to use the broker server functions, by setting Broker.Workstation.Enable to false.

If you need to modify the event processor server, for example to use a load balancer, add the following two keywords in the file:
Specify the previous hostname and the new hostname of the event processor.
Specify the previous and new port of the event processor.

After stopping and restarting WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base, the dynamic domain manager sends the updated information to the dynamic agents.