Enabling unsecure communication with the dynamic workload broker server

About this task

By default, the dynamic workload broker server uses secure communication. You might need to enable unsecure communication, even though this type of communication is not recommended.

To enable unsecure communication with the dynamic workload broker server, perform the following steps on the master domain manager:
  1. Run the exportserverdata command located in TWA_home/TDWB/bin:
    exportserverdata -dbUsr db_instance_admin -dbPwd db_instance_admin_pwd
  2. Open the resulting server.properties file in a flat-text editor.
  3. Copy the following line:
  4. Change the copied line by replacing https with http:
    The file now contains two lines specifying the connection mode, one line specifying the https mode and one line specifying the http mode.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Import the new data with the importserverdata command located in TWA_home/TDWB/bin:
    importserverdata -dbUsr db_instance_admin -dbPwd db_instance_admin_pwd
For more information about the exportserverdata and importserverdata commands, see HCL Workload Automation: Scheduling Workload Dynamically.