Configuring command-line client access authentication

This section describes how to reconfigure the connection used by the command line client.

The command line client is installed automatically on the master domain manager. On the master domain manager you use it to run all of the commands and utilities.

On any other workstation you use it to run one of the following commands:
  • evtdef
  • composer
  • optman
  • planman
  • sendevent
It is configured automatically by the installation process, but if you need to change the credentials that give access to the server on the master domain manager, or you want to use it to access a different master domain manager, modify the connection parameters as described in Connection parameters.
  1. The connection parameters are not required to use the local conman program on a fault-tolerant agent.
  2. The command-line client on the master domain manager uses exactly the same mechanism to communicate with the server as it does when it is installed remotely.