Personalizing UI labels

HCL Workload Automation provides the capability to customize user interface labels.

Before you begin

You might find this feature useful for your business users so that the tasks they perform are in the context of your line of business. You can personalize the UI labels for the following UIs:
  • Self-Service Catalog and Self-Service Dashboards mobile applications

About this task

The properties file,, from which you can modify UI labels must be created manually in a sub-folder named, Labels, which you must also create manually in the following path: <DWC_DATA>usr/servers/registry directory.


  1. Create a new sub-directory named Labels in the following path:
    On Windows:
    On UNIX:
  2. In the file, you can customize your Dynamic Workload Console by adding dwc.title ="new title".
  3. Add the following parameters to the file and assign a value to the labels you want to modify.
    where <value> corresponds to the following labels:
    Self-Service Catalog and Self-Service Dashboards
    Replace <value> with the text to replace the current label:
    • mobile.title= <value> If defined, this label will appear instead of "HCL Workload Automation Mobile Apps"
    • ssc.title=<value> If defined, this label replaces "Self-Service Catalog"
    • ssd.title=<value> If defined, this label replaces "Self-Service Dashboards"
  4. Save your changes.