Setting local options

Set local options, such as general attributes of the workstation for the HCL Workload Automation processes, in the localopts file. Changes do not take effect until netman is stopped (conman shut;wait) and restarted (StartUp).

During the installation process, a working copy of the local options file is installed as TWA_DATA_DIR/localopts.

The localopts file is not modified during the agent upgrade process. The file generated by the upgrade process is saved to the /config directory, to maintain your custom values, if any. You can then merge the two files with your customized values and save the resulting file in the TWA_DATA_DIR folder.

A template file containing default settings is located in TWA_DATA_DIR.
Note: All of the SSL settings in the localopts file relate to the network communications and do not relate to the Dynamic Workload Console.
The options in the localopts file are described in the following sections: