How to use the options

The default settings are a good starting point. Follow the indications below if you are not satisfied that the settings are maintaining the correct availability of the application server:
  • If the application server is not restarting after failure, check the following:
    • That the Appserver auto restart is set to yes.
    • That the Appserver check interval is not set to too high a value. For example, if this value is set to 50 minutes, instead of the default 3, an early failure of the application server might wait 45 minutes before being restarted.
    • That Appserver min restart time is sufficient for the application server to fully restart. If, when the server checks the status of the application server, it finds that the application server is still starting up, in some circumstances it is not able to distinguish the starting-up state from the failed state, will report it as failed, and try and restart it again. With the same result. This will continue until Appserver max restarts is exceeded. If this is the case, make Appserver min restart time larger.
  • If the application server is failing infrequently, but after several failures is not restarting, set the Appserver max restarts option to a higher value or the Appserver count reset interval to a lower value, or both. In this case it might be advantageous to study the pattern of failures and tailor these options to give you the required availability