Controlling appservman

Appservman is controlled by the following local options (in the localopts file):
Appserver auto restart
Determines if the automatic restart facility is enabled.

The default is yes. To disable the option set it to no.

Appserver check interval
Determines how frequently the service checks on the status of the application server. You should not set this value to less than the typical time it takes to start the application server on the computer.

The default is every 3 minutes.

Appserver min restart time
Determines the minimum time that must elapse between failures of the application server for the automatic restart to work. This option stops appservman from immediately restarting the application server if it fails on initial startup or when being restarted.

The default is 2 minutes.

Appserver max restarts
Determines the maximum number of times that appservman will automatically restart the application server within a time frame determined by you (Appserver count reset interval).

The default is 5 restarts.

Appserver count reset interval
Determines the time frame for the maximum number of restarts (Appserver max restarts).

The default is 24 hours.