Managing the event processor

About this task

The only maintenance issue for the event processor is the management of the EIF event queue, cache.dat. The event queue is circular, with events being added at the end and removed from the beginning. However, if there is no room to write an event at the end of the queue it is written at the beginning, overwriting the event at the beginning of the queue.

To increase the size of the event processor queue, follow this procedure:
  1. At the workstation running the event processor, browse to the following path:
    On Windows operating systems
    On UNIX operating systems
  2. Edit the eif.templ file and locate the keyword:
  3. Increase the value of this keyword, according to your requirements.
  4. Stop and restart WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base using the conman stopappserver and conman startappserver commands (see Starting and stopping the application server and appservman).