Application server - changing the host name or TCP/IP ports

To modify the host name of the computer where the application server is installed, or the TCP/IP ports it uses, use the following templates:
Specify the hostname in the variable name property.
Edit the following properties as required:
  • host.http.port
  • host.https.port
  • host.bootstrap.port
  • host.bootstrap.port.sec

To disable a port, set its value to -1.

Edit the files as required using the following basic procedure:
  1. Copy the template file from the templates folder to a working folder.
  2. Edit the template file in the working folder with the desired configuration.
  3. Optionally, create a backup copy of the relevant configuration file present in the overrides directory in a different directory. Ensure you do not copy the backup file in the path where the template files are located.
  4. Copy the updated template file to the overrides folder. Maintaining the original folder structure is not required.
  5. Changes are effective immediately.

For more information about the procedure, see Configuring HCL Workload Automation using templates. For more information about WebSphere Liberty configuration, see the related documentation, for example HTTP Endpoint (httpEndpoint) and Configuring an httpEndpoint to use an SSL configuration.