Workload application

A workload application is one or more job streams together with all the referenced jobs that can be shared with other HCL Workload Automation environments through an easy deployment process.

A workload application is an HCL Workload Automation database object that acts as a container for one or more job streams. You can use workload applications to standardize a workload automation solution so that the solution can be reused in one or more HCL Workload Automation Workload Automation on Cloud environments thereby automating business processes.

You can prepare a workload application template in a source HCL Workload Automation environment and then export it so that it can be deployed in a target environment. The export process extracts from the source environment all of the elements necessary to reproduce the solution in another environment. It produces a compressed file containing a number of files required to import the workload application into the target environment. These files contain a definition of the objects in the source environment extracted from the HCL Workload Automation database. For those elements that depend on the topology of the target environment, some manual configuration is required. For example, the definitions extracted from the source environment contain references to workstations that do not exist in the target environment. For this reason, before proceeding with the import, a mapping of some of the elements must be made associating the name of the object in the target environment.

The exported workload application template contains definitions or references for all of the following objects:
  • Job streams
  • Jobs
  • Workstations, workstation classes
  • Calendars
  • Prompts
  • Run cycles
  • Run cycle groups
  • Resources
  • Internetwork dependencies
  • External dependencies
  • Event rules

For information about how to define workload application templates, see Workload application definition.