Attributes for security object types

Attributes for security object types shows the attributes that you can specify for each security object type (see in parenthesis the corresponding object type and object attribute that you must use when defining security objects with the composer command line interface).
Table 1. Attributes for security object types
Attribute Name (name) Workstation (cpu) Custom (custom) JCL (jcl) JCLtype (jcltype) Logon (logon) Provider (provider) Type (type) Host (host) Port (port) Folder (folder) CPU Folder (cpufolder)
Security object type
Actions (action)
Calendars (calendar)
Workstations (cpu)
Events (event)
Event rules (eventrule)
Files (file)
Jobs (job)
Application Lab (lob)
Parameters (parameter)
Prompts (prompt)
Reports (report)
Resource (resource)
RunCycle groups (runcygrp)
Job streams (schedule)
User objects (userobj)
Variable tables (vartable)
Workload applications (wkldappl)
Folders (folder)
For the values that are allowed for each object attribute, see Specifying object attribute values.