Upgrading agents on IBM i systems

How to upgrade agents on IBM i systems.

About this task

You can upgrade the agent on an IBM i system by using the twsinst installation script.

To upgrade an HCL Workload Automation agent, perform the following steps:
  1. Sign on as the user who performed the installation, either QSECOFR or an existing user with ALLOBJ authority. If you installed with a user different from QSECOFR, use the same user who performed the installation and specify the allObjAuth parameter to indicate that the user has the ALLOBJ authority. For more information about this parameter, see Agent installation parameters on IBM i systems. You can find the name of the profile used to perform the installation in the instUser located in the agent_data_dir/installation/instInfo.
  2. Download the agent eImage from the HCL License Portal. For more information about the installation media, see Downloading installation images on your workstation or the Download Document at Product Requirements.
  3. If you downloaded the eImages, to extract the package, use the PASE shell or the AIXterm command.
    Using PASE shell:
    1. Open the PASE shell.
    2. Run the command "CALL QP2TERM".
    3. Locate the folder where you downloaded the eImages and run the command:
      "tar xvf TWS10103_IBM_I.tar"
    4. Exit from the PASE shell.
    Using AIXterm command:
    1. Start the Xserver on your desktop.
    2. On the iSeries machine, open a QSH shell and export the display.
    3. In QSH shell, go to the directory /QopenSys and run the command "aixterm -sb".
    4. A pop-up window is displayed on your desktop. By Using this pop-up window, extract the file TWS10103_IBM_I.tar.
  4. Open a QSH shell and run the twsinst script.

    The installation procedure replaces the library to the user profile library list of the dynamic agent user profile and sets this job description as the job description of the dynamic agent user profile. The upgrade process replaces the new version of the agent in the directory where the old agent is installed.

If the operation fails to understand the cause of the error, see Analyzing return codes for agent installation, upgrade, restore, and uninstallation.
Command usage and version
Show command usage and version
twsinst -u | -v
Upgrade an instance
./twsinst -update -uname user_name
 -acceptlicense yes|no
 [-addjruntime true]
 [-hostname host_name]
 [-inst_dir install_dir]
 [-jmport port_number]
 [-jmportssl boolean]
 [-lang lang-id]
 [-recovInstReg true]
 [-tdwbhostname host_name]
 [-tdwbport port_number]
 [-wait minutes]
 [-work_dir working_dir]

For a description of the installation parameters and options that are related to agent on this operating system, see Agent upgrade parameters on IBM i systems.