Upgrading agents and domain managers with twsinst

How to upgrade HCL Workload Automation agents and domain managers in your distributed, z/OS®, or end-to-end network.

The upgrade of agents and domain managers is supported starting from V9.3. The agent upgrade process meets the following objectives:
Performs the upgrade in a safe way
It checks for any processes or command lines that are running before starting. It stops them only for the short time necessary to perform the upgrade. If the upgrade fails, a backup and restore feature is in place.
Saves time, disk space, and RAM when upgrading the product
It performs the agent upgrade in less time than traditional methods. It saves disk space and RAM because it is not Java-based.
Uses a very simple command
It consists of a single line command.
Manages both Windows and UNIX operating system workstations
It runs on both Windows and UNIX agents.

Use the twsinst script to upgrade the HCL Workload Automation agent in your distributed or end-to-end network.

For information about upgrading agents, see Upgrade procedure. See Agent installation parameters - twsinst script for a full description of the agent installation parameters used by the script.