Returning to version 9.5 or 9.4

Procedure to return the product to version 9.5 or 9.4.

You can revert from General Availability version 10.1 or from a fix pack applied on version General Availability version 10.1 to version 9.4, 9.5 or to an intermediate fix pack.

Dynamic Workload Console and agents are backward compatible, so no downgrade is necessary. If you do need to downgrade them, uninstall and reinstall them with the dwcinst or twsinst commands respectively, keeping the same name for the agents.

Note: If you used the new functions introduced with the latest release, you cannot roll back your environment to the previous version because new records have been created in the database and they are not compatible with previous versions.
Direct downgrade to a previous version is not supported, so you need to perform a parallel downgrade, as described in:

To revert from the latest fix pack to General Availability version 10.1.0 or to an intermediate fix pack, see Returning to a previous product version level.