Returning the master domain manager to version 9.5

Procedure to return the product to version 9.5 or to an intermediate fix pack

About this task

To perform this operation, you need to download the installation image of the 9.5 version or of an intermediate fix pack.

Note: If you used the new functions introduced with the latest release, you cannot roll back your environment to the previous version because new records have been created in the database and they are not compatible with previous versions.


  1. Log in as root or Administrator to the workstation where you plan to install.
  2. Download the installation images of the 9.5 version from Flexnet.
  3. Install a master domain manager version 9.5 configured as a backup master domain manager.
  4. Perform a switch manager operation to make the version 9.5 backup master domain manager the new master domain manager. For more information, see Switching a domain manager.
  5. Reapply any customizations you performed on configuration files on the new master domain manager.