Centralized agent update

You can install fix packs or upgrade releases for multiple fault-tolerant agent and dynamic agent instances, by downloading a package on the master domain manager workstation and updating the multiple agent instances by running an action from the Dynamic Workload Console.

You can also schedule the centralized update of multiple agent instances, by using the Dynamic Workload Console or the command line.

The centralized agent update process does not apply to z-centric agents. Also, a distributed master domain manager is required.

During the upgrade or update, the agents are stopped for the shortest time necessary to perform the maintenance. Any active agent command-line interfaces and processes, such as conman, composer, netman, mailman, and batchman, to name a few, continue running. Any jobs already running when the upgrade process begins, continue to run as planned, however, no new jobs begin execution during this time. Once the upgrade is complete, the agent is restarted and quickly reconnects with its jobs. Any jobs that were actively running before the upgrade that have not yet completed, continue to run, and any jobs that successfully finished running during the upgrade procedure report a successful job status.

Note: Avoid installing multiple agents (fault-tolerant agents or dynamic agents) at the same time on the same system, because this could cause the installation to fail.