Satisfying Requests for Enhancements (RFEs)

HCL Workload Automation satisfies Requests for Enhancements (RFEs).

Requests for Enhancements (RFEs) give customers the opportunity to collaborate directly with the product development team and other users. The team prioritizes and develops new product features based on proposals made by customers.

HCL Workload Automation V9.5 delivers the following RFE:

RFE 111374
Database job plug-in enhancement. For details, see Database job plug-in enhancement.
RFE 76018, 95837, 111724
Support for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 has been added.
RFE 56265
Install server using WAS file registry security and run WAS as no root. With this enhancement, HCL Workload Automation administrators can reuse WAS instances without any system administration intervention.
RFE 60662
Export Job Stream graphical view from the HCL Workload Automation database to Microsoft Visio format (svg). Once exported, Job Stream graphical view can also be edited in Visio.
RFE 85442
You can now edit the default Workload Dashboard.
RFE 89772
When running, you can now use both -record and -gapath options.
RFE 95837
Full High Availability configuration is now supported for DWC HA with Oracle DB.
RFE 107141
db2jcc.jar hardcoded in resource.xml has been updated to use a real Type 4 db2 connection.
RFE 98249
On the Dynamic Workload Console it is now possible to move filters to a new browser window.
RFE 111576
During the installation process, the account password is no longer exposed as a command line argument.
RFE 120283
CentOs 7.x is now supported for master domain manager and Dynamic Workload Console.
RFE 31567, 121197, 121199
The following enhancements have been implemented for Filemonitor utility command:
  • Support for hh:mm:ss format when specifying parameter "-timeout"
  • Support for global expressions like /opt/C4SF0/app/ITT/in/SIRE_TRD/[!_]* where [!_]* means: All the files starting with underscore.
RFE 125781
Internet Explorer V11 with compatibility mode is now supported for the Dynamic Workload Console.
RFE 58672
Self Service Catalog now implements a form based authentication to let users Login / Logout in a easier way.
RFE 115277
Dynamic Workload Console Critical Status Widget default drill through format can now be configured. Also, it now includes other columns in addition to the Deadline column: Confidence Factor, Planned Start, Estimated Start, Estimated End, In Error Predecessors, Late Predecessors, Not Completed Predecessors, Completed Predecessors. With the inclusion of these additional fields, it is now clear to an operator why a job is in potential or high risk. Obviously, additional drill through might be required for specific job details.

To view a complete list of RFEs, new, planned, and delivered, see: RFE online community.