The Dynamic Workload Console has evolved

The Dynamic Workload Console has evolved with a new graphical layout, features, and improved functionality.

Dynamic Workload Console V9.5 has undergone both an architectural and web redesign. A more modern feature-rich intuitive interface on a new foundation of modern technology while maintaining your current workload logic and processes.

The interface is based on new architectural foundation of modern front-end technologies while maintaining current workload logic and processes. With this refurbishment, Dashboard Application Services Hub (DASH) is replaced by a lean, high-performance in-house solution that is now based on a lightweight, highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment, WebSphere Application Server Liberty. Modern front-end technologies such as ReactJS, Redux, React-Saga, and SaSS form the user interface infrastructure.

The streamlined design of the console accommodates a number of features that improve the overall user experience to deliver results for your business:
  • A new live dashboard experience enables smart troubleshooting use cases for proactive incident management.
  • New integrated web help system.
  • Customizable options to make your most commonly used or critical operations more accessible with pins and favorites.