Changed features and feature capabilities

A list of features changed since the previous release

The following features have changed or have been introduced since the previous release:
data_dir path for the master domain manager and Dynamic Workload Console

To simplify administration, configuration, and backup and recovery on UNIX systems, a new default behavior has been implemented with regard to the storage of product data and data generated by HCL Workload Automation, such as logs and configuration information. These files are now stored by default in the <data_dir> directory, which you can optionally customize at installation time.

By default, this directory is TWA_home/TWSDATA for the server and agent components, and DWC_home/DWC_DATA for the Dynamic Workload Console. The product binaries are stored instead, in the installation directory.

With a similar approach, also the configuration files for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base on UNIX systems are stored in the TWA_DATA_DIR directory, while binary files are stored in TWA_home.

For more information, see WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base configuration

You can optionally customize the <data_dir> directory at installation time by setting the --data_dir argument when you install using the command-line installation. If you want to maintain the previous behavior, you can set the --data_dir argument to the HCL Workload Automation installation directory.

If you deploy the product components using Docker containers, the <data_dir> is set to the default directory name and location, and it cannot be modified.

enLegacyId optman option no longer supported
The enLegacyId option is no longer supported and has been removed from optman. The enLegacyId option was introduced to determine how job streams are to be named when operating in mixed environments with versions of IBM Workload Scheduler older than version 8.3, managed by a version 8.5 master domain manager. The default behavior now corresponds to having the enLegacyId option set to no, which means that the Job Scheduler instance is assigned a new ID following the standard mechanism of IBM Workload Scheduler. If you have defined in your environment any automated procedures based on the name of carried forward job steams, you need to take this change into account.
timezone optman option deprecated
The timezone option is now deprecated and will be removed in the next fix pack. By default, this option is set to yes.
Event 118 displayed by IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console is no longer issued.
The mstJobSched event that is logged when you are using the integration with IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console is no longer issued and has been removed from the documentation.
Table 1. The following event is no longer logged for the integration with IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console.
Event Number Description
mstJobSched 118 Job in scheduled status
Dynamic workload broker changes
The lifecycle of the dynamic workload broker is now completely automatic and is designed to keep dynamic workload broker active at all times. For this reason the following commands are no longer necessary and have been removed:
  • startBrokerApplication
  • stopBrokerApplication
  • brokerApplicationStatus
HCL Workload Automation Limited Fault-tolerant Agent for IBMi
The Limited Fault-tolerant Agent for IBMi is no longer available and is replaced with the dynamic agent.