To list the VOB namespace

About this task

To create load rules, you must know the names of the elements in the VOB namespace. Because directory elements are loaded recursively, you need to know only the names of parent directory elements.


  1. Enter cleartool lsvob to see the list of VOBs at your site. For example:
    cleartool lsvob -short
  2. To see the namespace in a VOB, enter the following command:

    cleartool ls snapshot_view_path/VOB-path [...]

    To see further down a directory tree in the namespace, use cleartool ls recursively. For example:

    • On the UNIX system or Linux:
      cleartool ls pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob 
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob/batch@@main/1 [not loaded] Rule: 
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob/src@@main/1 [not loaded] Rule: 
      cleartool ls pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob/batch
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob/batch/prog.c@@main/1 [not loaded] 
      Rule: /main/LATEST
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv/guivob/batch/lib.c@@main/1 [not loaded] 
      Rule: /main/LATEST
    • On a Windows system:
      cleartool ls pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob 
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob\batch@@main\1 [not loaded] Rule: 
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob\src@@main\1 [not loaded] Rule: 
      cleartool ls pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob\batch
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob\batch\prog.c@@main\1 [not loaded] 
      Rule: \main\LATEST
      pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv\guivob\batch\lib.c@@main\1 [not loaded] 
      Rule: \main\LATEST


The annotation not loaded indicates that there are no load rules specifying the element or that the version-selection rules do not select any version of the element.