Before adjusting the scope of a view in a UCM project

During a development cycle, you may need to change the set of elements available to your view. For example, if you work in a snapshot view, you can reduce the amount of time required for deliver and rebase operations by narrowing the scope of your view to include only the set of elements related to your activities. (The fewer elements in your snapshot view, the less time needed to update it.) When narrowing your scope, remember that to test your work during the deliver operation, your view must include any files required to satisfy build dependencies.

To adjust the scope of a view, you can perform the following actions:

  • Change which elements are loaded into a snapshot view
  • Mount or unmount (activate or deactivate) VOBs for dynamic views

Adjusting the scope of a UCM view does not affect the stream to which the view is attached or any other views that are attached to the stream. For example, if a recommended baseline includes a new set of files and directories, rebasing your development stream makes the new files and directories available to your stream; but they may not be visible in your development view, depending on the scope of the view.