About the version-extended path

HCL VersionVault commands and documentation use a special notation to specify a version of an element on a branch. For example:

Element util.h has a main branch with versions 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Connected to version two on the main branch is branch r1_bugs with versions 0, 1, 2, and 3. Connected to version 1 on the r1_bugs branch is branch bug404 with versions 0 and 1. The version extended pathname for version one on the bug404 branch is util.h@@/main/r1_bugs/bug404/1 (on the UNIX system or Linux) or util.h@@\main\r1_bugs\bug404\1 (on Windows systems).

The path util.h@@/main/2 (Linux and UNIX®) or util.h@@\main\2 (Windows®) specifies version 2 of util.h on the main branch.

The path util.h@@/main/r1_bugs/bug404/1 (Linux and UNIX®) or util.h@@\main\r1_bugs\bug404\1 (Windows®) specifies version 1 of util.h on the bug404 subbranch below the r1_bugs subbranch, which is below the main branch.

From a command-line interface, you can use version-extended path names to access versions other than the ones currently selected by your view.

For a full description of the syntax for version-extended path names, see the pathnames_ccase reference page.