About hijacked files

When a file element is loaded into a snapshot view, the file system read-only attribute is applied to the file. If you change this attribute and modify a loaded file without checking it out, the file is considered hijacked. Only loaded files can be hijacked; view-private files are not under HCL VersionVault control and you can modify them without involving HCL VersionVault tools.

Hijacking takes a file outside direct HCL VersionVault control. Although the update operation detects whether you have hijacked a file, do not hijack files as standard practice.

Tip: You can hijack files only in a snapshot view; you cannot modify a version in a dynamic view until you check it out.

Directories and hijacking

Hijacking does not apply to directory elements. You can create view-private files and directories without having to check out the parent directory. However, the only way to add or remove elements from source control is to check out the parent directory.